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Writing on UIN and Ciputat


This evening I’ve just received a message on my wordpress’ account from my friend and also my guru in blogging, Mas Fatih Syuhud, he suggests me to write about my travel experiences and about the personalities in UIN, the university where I am “studying” now.

It inspires me something, because now I’m nearly six years at the university (an old student; but I will never be regretful because of it) , but I write nothing for it, what a shame!, because it seems if I don’t write all my experiences here, it seems that it will just fade away as time goes by, and then the experience will be just an oral story rather than written history.

So I think from now on, the story should be a different one, I think that I should start writing now about it, I know it’s so late, but I will try to dig my reminiscent experiences, and then make it written on my blogs at least.

And let’s move and shift from oral history to a written history, so everybody can learn from every our encounters in the past, so we can reflect a lot on it, because without learning and reflecting, it seems that God’s blessing will never ally to us, just only by learning and learning God will always be our Best Alliance in facing life’s challenges.


My first posting [again]


Hi, here I am again, creating my wordpress blog, recently I’ve been falling love in blogging world, even though I still have no idea to make the most of it, this blogging world was introduced to me by one of Indonesian respected bloggers, Fatih Syuhud, I met him a year ago when I was in New Delhi India,  the time when I was in Action for Life 3 program, I’ve  been learning a lot from him about blogging and it was a privilege for me to meet him in person.

Since then I started to be in love with blogging world, I posted more postings on my two previous blog, even though I don’t really have a fresh idea what to post, for me at that time the most important thing is to post and to post regardless with the idea of what I post.

Now by creating this blog I wish that I could start “my professional work” in blogging, and you, the readers, wish your feedback to my blog.

cheers from Wazeen