Making friends with Paradox


Of course you may experience, listening to a long inspiring speech about on “how to live healthy” but the person that you listen to drinking a bottle of coke, or you may experience, listening to a person who on how tough he or she holding commitment but, in a low voice he or she express that there is always “excepts”.

What they say, what they share are 100% right, if there are some “excepts” it’s just the nature of life itself, one of the nature of life that I understand so far is understanding the nature of paradox, it’s just life that telling you that paradox is its one of her rebellious son, the spirit of ‘paradox’ travels everywhere, even you’ll hear  that paradoxical expression from the people or those that you love or respect, yes it’s nothing wrong with what they express, just make friends with all the paradoxical aspects within their narration, because paradox is the life’s absolute grand narration, but

Never stop to be a happy person, life may be full of shits, but at least you’re not part of those shits.

Heartfelt and love.


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