People I met


A woman, in a convenient store, with an oriental look, wearing a black blazer, with a white blackberry in her hand, sat next to me, she uttered some words, but I couldn’t hear the words properly, but I guessed she was asking whether the empty seat next to me was occupied or not, in a glance, she already settled herself, sitting next to me, turning herself in an autistic mode with her cell phone. However, for a while her look became a magnet to my masculine instinct, driving my eyes to momentarily looking at her, my mind was guessing about her background, her jobs, her office, her family, her boyfriend and a common question popped up in my mind, how do they look like? For a while these thoughts driving me away from the book that I read: Further Along; The Road Less Traveled, by Scott M.Peck, and for a while too she already disappeared.

She disappeared. And I resumed my mind to the book I read, it was on a chapter “GROWING UP PAINFULLY, it says,

This is an extremely important truth because a great deal of human psychopathology, including the abuse of drugs, arises out of the attempt to get back to Eden. At cocktail parties we tend to need at least that one drink to help diminish our self-consciousness, to diminish our shyness…

–It’s my weakness, many times I feel insecure when some of my friends hide their plan to go to a cocktail party or anything like that, and I’m really grateful if I’m invited to such a party even though I don’t frequently drink, and I’ll be happy to help them to find their way back home in the end of the party, and after the party, I’ll feel alive, and I feel truly as a friend–, and a few seconds after I read those phrases, a woman in a purple dress sat next to me, without any words, she vibrated rush, or busy, or anxious, or insecure mood to me, and she put a beverage on the table, the beverage looks bright browny, she talked on her phone, I looked to her bottle, and after a while, –it looked awkward at the moment– she covered her bottle with a white paper bag, after a while, I left for a meeting, that I was expecting a semi-formal meeting.

A man, after more than one hour waiting for a meeting, I wanted to see and talk with this man, I saw the man, a man with the sharp eyes, in a black outfit, in a cigarrete-smoky room, he was talking with a woman, in a black blazer, with a white blackberry, then I came to them, and it seemed that I already terminated their in depth conversation, and they stopped the conversation, I culturally said sorry that I terminated their in depth sharing, and they culturally also said that it was okay, that there’s nothing personal within the conversation, however I sensed something personal transmitted in the air, and the man started formally talking to me, he introduced the woman to me, and the woman mentioned her name in a very low voice, but I got her name, and  it’s already an awkward meeting with the presence of the woman, not a woman I think, she looks like a girl in a woman’s dress, and the meeting turned to be an awkward meeting, and it ended up with an appointment to a virtual meeting on the net, emails and its friends, then I said a bye, and they resumed their depth conversation. And my expectation flew to a nowhere place.




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