Initiatives of Change (Indonesia)


Now it’s been 10 years I involve in this Initiatives of Change movement, however I still feel that now my transformation is not yet satisfied, and now I serve as the main coordinator or a president for the Initiatives of Change Indonesia and some months to go, what’s written below is just a little piece of the story, you may enjoy it but you may not too, so here it is anyway…

 After 7 years staying in the IofC old House, and taking about 1.5 month finding the new House, and through prayers and support within our network we found the new centre for IofC Indonesia. Renting this House is part of our short term goal before we have our permanent IofC centre.

Since 2003 IofC House has been playing an important role in running our IofC daily activities, it becomes our place to learn and share. Every weekend in this centre we have our weekly gathering, for Quiet Time and sharing and sometime we invite friends to share their experience in life changing and occasionally we organize activities that help us to be more efficient change makers, such as leadership training, public speaking, family workshop, inner growth programme, women creator of peace and other activities. And for those who stay in the centre it is a very unique experience, because during staying in the house, we learn to live in a community, learn how to sincerely interact with each other, resolve conflict and appreciate our each personal unique.

Living with IofC values is not always easy to live with but it is not difficult too, living with IofC values requires many steps to continuously evolving and transforming our self to be a better person, in other words living with IofC means living with life itself therefore we hope that this house becomes the centre for life and leadership training.

 Currently there are 4 people staying in the house, these people for some years has been involving with IofC movement and activities, they are:


·      Iskandar (male)

IofC Indonesia full time worker, member of IofC Indonesia Executive Council, he is responsible for IofC Indonesia administration affairs, a private English Teacher, and a freelance bus chaperone at British International School in Jakarta

·      Yudi Septiawan (male)

IofC Indonesia volunteer, member of IofC Indonesia Executive Council, he is responsible for IofC Indonesia financial affairs, and also a postgraduate student at public university studying International Relation

·      Abdullah Alwazin (male)

IofC Indonesia full time worker, IofC Indonesia President (General Coordinator) member of IofC Indonesia Executive Council, translator, private English Teacher, and a postgraduate student at a private university, studying English

·      Akhmad Hairul Umam (male)

IofC Indonesia volunteer, member of IofC Indonesia Supervisory Council, former IofC Indonesia President (General Coordinator), an academic staff at a private university and lecturer

The House can accommodate up to 20 people for one event, it features 4 rooms, 2 small meeting rooms, two kitchen and two gardens. And the cost of renting the new house is: IDR.18.000.000* for one year renting (it is efficient from September 1st 2013 to August 31st)

How we finance it? Those who stay in the IofC Indonesia house share the payment of the House, each person share: IDR 4.500.000, and the operational of the House will be covered by IofC Indonesia management (through donations from our members and supporters, and so far it has been raised IDR 1.200.000**).

And again we would like to convey our sincere gratitude and thanks to all of you who has been continuously praying and supporting for our movement and activities, and also however we still keep our fingers crossed, and we ask for your prayers and support that soon we can have our permanent IofC Indonesia house to make our work and movement can be more efficient. May God, Allah, the Divine always bless our work and efforts. Amen

Official address:

Rumah Initiatives of Change Indonesia

Jl.Legoso Raya Blok C5 No.9/10

Perum Griya Satwika (Komp.Telkom)

Pisangan Ciputat Tangerang Selatan 15419

Banten Indonesia

*approximately USD 1800 (with USD rate 1 USD =10.000 IDR)

**until this article is written, the amount of fund that we raised reached IDR 1.200.000


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