On Meals


On a trip again, here I’m writing, it comes to my realisation, from where my sadness come, the words: “never eat alone” really strikes my emotion, I’ve just realised how sad I am in every meal I have, after I shared my life story in somewhere and sometime in Vietnam, I realised that I spent most of my meals when I was kid alone, in fact people provided me food, but rarely a company, it really feels so hard to talk every time I have meal appointments, because I used to talk with the food than people.

On something and every thing,

Now I’m the president, of a community called Initiatives of Change, a community that aims to promote change starts with oneself, but somehow I was feeling that I lost my passion, direction, and guidence, I’ve been driven by different windy winds,

Some clouds need to be cleared, very soon, however I’m still excited and enthusiast with this word: LOVE.


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