Caux Free and Warm Hugs


I’ve just settled in Caux! I did my first morning running, and having shower and feeling no more jet lag, jet lag is only in the perception and excuses, and mood too! I feel much more energised this time, yes I’ve just moved from my physical and emotional uncomfortable zone, a tiny island in East Java called Madura, nothing wrong with places, but what I felt last time was pressure, less spiritual, judgements, alienated, and enough, I want to clear that all now, I meet the world that I want to see here now!

Welcome to Caux, and let me counts my blessings in different hugs, Nigel Heywood, Jose Carlos Leon Vargas, Hsu Shoufeng, Mike and Jean Brown, Hsiao Yun, Adriana Borra, Kimanthi…yes that the hugs.

Yes I do like hugging because our physical and spiritual heart can get closer. I’ll update you with more hugs!




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