And Runnin’ Runnin’




I started running since September last year, I began with a 30 days simultaneous running. What stimulated me to run again was when I was Caux, Switzerland, with a group of people from Switzerland and Ukraine I went up to one of the highest point in Caux, Roche de Naye, it was during my last minute days in Caux, as it is for my Ukrainian friends too, so we walked so fast to that highest point and truth be told most of the time, since I walked slowly, I was left behind, and I should thank my friends because every time I was left behind they were always willing to wait me and helped to climb the mountain, and finally we all reached the Roche de Naye just in time.

After I came back to my country I started to run, but unfortunately it was in Ramadan, anticipating from dehydration, for sure I couldn’t run in the morning, but I didn’t stop there, I decided to run before ifthar, I run around 5 pm in the afternoon, in fact, yes, I skipped doing ifthar with friends.

And in September I started my 30 days simultaneous running, and yes I did it!, but after I finished my 30 days challenge, I lost my pair of shoes, I didn’t know, it might be already picked by a street rubbish picker, anyway I just let it, I took a breath and then decided to buy a new pair of shoes, I choose New Balance, since it’s once chosen by Steve Jobs, ;), I bought that new pair of shoes just exactly before I joined first 10K race at Jakarta Race organised by Four Season hotel, yes Jakarta Race was where I wore my new pair of shoes, and I didn’t realise that I felt some pain in my feet after the race, and later on I know that I shouldn’t wear new shoes for a race, it should be well-tested first, and after this race, it always tempts me to adjust myself to what we call ‘running fashion’, it’s good as long I got bucks and heart to fulfil this desire. And my second official race was XTEP 7k in BSD Tangerang, and I got my first running record, I run 7k in 42.03 minutes.

My current Running Gears? Nike+ Sportband, and a rectangle iPod shuffle, anyway, so far it’s one of the most expensive running gears that I ever buy.

Since then I keep running and running. πŸ™‚


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  1. Since July 2008, I have joined ‘bike-to-work’ community in Semarang. The first time I participated in a fun-bike (10 kilometers), I was so exhausted that when going home, I took a nap for long hours. πŸ˜€

    Recently I can bike around 30-40 kilometers without feeling exhausted. wahhh … what a progress, do you agree? πŸ™‚

    However, I am not sure if I can run like what you wrote on this post. No matter what, I would rather pedal my bike. πŸ™‚

    I compiled some writings of mine describing my experience in biking at one special blog at

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