A Caux Week


Saya sangat beruntung! that’s the word that I want to say to describe my first week in Caux, it means I’m very lucky to be here in Caux. I come to this beautiful place as part of a programme called Caux Creatifs Media Training, this training includes many different aspects in using different medium to convey the “Change” message to different people, yes enough to say, you can google it guys.

Europe, it’s totally a new world for me, like any ordinary who just find his new world, lot’s of bule here, (bule; a blue eyed people,or just simply, western people, things like that), a new world, it introduces me to what people called jet-lag, and I know then, this word does exist, and what’s else? yes 12 hours flight from Jakarta does make different to my sleeping system, and extreme weather which makes health a bit shaky, and another things I played football and soccer again πŸ˜‰

Caux, it’s history totally a history of people, it’s the symbol of people, yes we all agree that this place is beautiful like a palace, but it’s the symbol of people, honestly, it shuddered me when, a senior IofC friend, Andrew Stallybrass, introduced me the history behind this place, and what brings me here it’s all because of people, yes an old friend of mine Chris Breitenberg, my friend in Action for Life 3, introduced me to this programme, and I’m lucky, I’m accepted! what a bless!

Guys, I just wanna this blog kicked out, and posted, I’ll blog more, so I kick this one out! I’ll write you more!



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