Called it Red and Blue or Black and Red! (CTA 1)


Once upon a time I was sitting politely listening to those who organise this alike Black and Red game in a different and modified name and style it’s called Red and Blue, truth be told, my mind and ego keep thinking that I was the one who should’ve been there, standing there, being cool there!, but indeed I was sitting there politely in that hall.

Every time this game is played it looks like describing the today’s world situation: emotion, tension, commitment, consistency and personality conceals unconsciously, meant or not, one of the most obvious stuff, again this game is like showing on how nations making an agreement on climate change issues but then again it was not me standing there being cool in that game!

Yesterday I did it again: testing the so called blue ocean of personality and my pre-assumption toward a girl, in her daily life and the way he encounters with me it seems like he’s doing kind of a diplomatic mission; this game reveals some facts about her, her competitive way of thinking, and her womanish tricky diplomatic bla bla revealed!

However during yesterday’s game session what I found different is the way the team conducted the game, some new models found, the team added the communication aspect and different way of conducting the game – I found it the way the team conducted was more polite and emotion friendly; and yes the team conducted the game, it was not me,  it was not me and I found I am.

Knowing and symptom (and do something about it?)

Yes, yesterday there are friends raising symptomatic issues in our organisation, they raised the issue of professionalism in our beloved so called organisation (or community), for me this issue is strongly important, yes I’ve been for more than 7 years in this community, and I want to do something about, what interested me was the way he raised the issue; as always, it’s cliche I know, complaining and asking other people to do something about it, it’s the way I see it, my very basic proposal to this issue. find out our deepest vision to these ideas and community and tweak our basic ourganisations’ constitution, chose these and relly dig deep.

How do I do with this text message?

Ha ha ha again, as the so called non practitcioner consultant, with well field-tested advices on several issues of man and woman relationship, a being buddy, asking this question last night: what should I do with this text message from this man of a celebrity look like? my quick response was: do nothing, and if you want to reply, reply it tomorrow. But my further elaboration is: that’s not your basic longings in this matter, your longings lie in these questions: do you want to get married? is it really matter to you a boyfriendship and girlfriendship? right now, do you still miss your last boyfriend?, answer these questions not more than 5 minutes and you’ll get the real answer, more than 5 minutes is the fake answers! trust me.

and thanks God I found a way to use my passport!

It’s surprising me, I witness my previous so called prophecy and prediction of camp was revealed again, a girl with out of blue shared to me that she joined the last camp of this organisation is to find solution for her unused passport, and yes it’s right since the beginning, in this our beloved country, the greatest pull  to this organisation is that passport and travelling stuffs, it can continue, unless I, we, choose to reverse it.

So this is my story of yesterday so called Call To Action workshop, is it a junk post? yes, I don’t want to keep them longer nestling in my mind, was I in a battle therefore some ways I look like an expired fruit? yes, I was in a battle with my self and a force to come to the so called of graduation ceremony that I didn’t plan to attend to, am I complaining? no, I’m finding wisdom!











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