How do you define a goal? for me it’s an excitement! I describe it as the most beautiful woman that I’ve been picturing in my dream, for me it looks like the way Wayne Rooney did the acrobatic kick to to the City’s goal two weeks ago.

Truth be told I always deny my self as a perfectionist person, since for me, a perfectionist looks like procrastinator in some ways, however it is undeniable that I always perceive that reaching a goal should be performed in an acrobatic way just like what Rooney did, and then if I can’t do in such way, it’s better for me just not to make any goal and remain idle, and such ‘acrobatic way’ still leave its steps in my mind.

However I still deny myself that I’m a perfectionist, and my mindset always saying that I want to do things in its proper way, and according to the procedure and whatsoever. Indeed I try to do such acrobatic way, but in the end of the day, I feel and observed less goals achieved, and such situation leads me into frustration.

Last weekend, in Initiatives of Change Indonesia community house, where I live, there was weekly discussion in making a goal, there was a man called Saul Allen – he denied himself that he has a relation with Woody Allen, however I’m sure that Woody Allen has relation with him, at least in his name -, yes he’s our American buddy who participated in our last year camp, last weekend he facilitated that session in making a strategic life goal.

One of my highlight for the session that tweaked my understanding and perception toward life goal, is in the way he deciphered one of the symptoms of the perfectionist attitude, that is: all or nothing attitude, yes this is absolutely what I need to know, this aspect is so me, I realised that somehow I’m categorized as a desperate perfectionist, I realised that I spent a lot of time just thinking on how to do things rather than thinking the excitement of scoring a life goal.

I realised that goal itself, is the excitement, and there are many ways to do this, yes in anyways, but it should be in an ethical way.

Goal is the small form of a vision and it should have ways for measurement, and once you set up a goal you should make effort to convince people about how important the goal for you and also to get their positive support, and fuel with your full energy whenever you share your life goal with people around you.


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  1. Hi Wazeen,

    I’m glad the presentation was thought provoking for you — and I relate entirely to the “all or nothing” attitude, a tendency that still plagues me. Now that I have your blog address, I look forward to reading about your future successes, ie, goals achieved!

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