Nuances: today’s digest, still about myself


Today turned into its complexity, complexity of my past and complexity of nuance, the first one triggered by my hot call to my dad in the mid day, yes I know it was hard to admit my past mistakes but what made me hurt it was repeated many times by the soft voice of my dad, but I know it was not on the appropriate time to call, however an evening soft call to my mom made me relieved from any feelings and made me happy to know that I meet my promise.

Today I updated on “my facebook status update that switching off your mobile phone is a good leap to help you stay in focus”, indeed it was really helpful for me today, today I was able to finish some works smoothly, and I feel really really relieved after checklisted those works, it made lighter in the evening so far it is the lightest evening I ever had, I feel my head very light, yes it totally works for me switching off mobile phone, because when sms comes it’s so easy to change my mood and easy to make me worry without reason, so overall I’m grateful for what I decided today!

Yes indeed I missed to post an entry yesterday, so it will make the 365days blogpost project stay longer for one day at least, and now it’s getting closer to welcome a group of foreign people that I used to in the group, a group of people that has a project to change the world with their life changing stories: Action for Life 5. So welcome tomorrow, pray that tomorrow will be brighter and lighter leave all fears behind!


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