So what?


I even don’t know when it starts, it’s just ‘as it is’, comes when it comes. I even don’t where it starts, it came in the middle of nowhere there, far away there in India, in a space called ‘Maya’, it came from an ordinary conversation in bytes of nothing, even I didn’t know why I said ‘Yes’ for it. Since then the cliche words keep buzzing in my mind from time to time: I LOVE YOU as You ARE.

Bliss, happiness, rapture and fears comes on and off in my mind, they keep ask and interogate me; so what if you feel that? just release it! so what if you overwhelmed by this high schoolish romance in your 26th? so what if your lips still virgin? so what if you gaze to those Eyes behind glasses? so what if you feel Excitement every time She–the mother melancholia–comes in front of you?


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