Misteri Konferensi dan Mata yang Sembab


conference to conferences, people to people, discussions to discussions,participants,committee,workshop,training,working groups,leadership,mdgs,what is it, I don’t know,iofc,PSAP,flower city,bandung,forum,boys,girls,night outings,announcer, dinner boxes,dampen eyes,tears,cried,they come,dark taxi driver,dampen eyes,rush morning,more flipcharts please,25thJune with a white dressed girl,can you show me my friends room,ignored,came again,accompanied,observing FACE,WORDS,WET EYES & STRANGE ACCENT,what’s your name,my name is,her images start to occupy, start to occupy, start to occupyopen spaces,a whisper:A PARTICIPANT,green morning dew,a small village,white laptop,holding hands,making circle, got surprised, white laptop,couple,what’s your name, my name is, observer of darkness,are you going now?, a lobby of anxiety, refrained words, teach me your language,HUG,WAVE HANDS,hug,wave hands,baggage packed,group left,HAVING FUN,group left,HAVING COMMOTIONS in his mind but not their mind,refrained tears,cause he’s a man,met another,shared but not tell,another shows how to,didn’t find at the departure, anxious,left with anxiety,00.50 anxiety,2 pages letter,didn’t send it, wasn’t so soft to send, send another…anxious…anxious…commotions…keeps coming new days…beach but her…days but her…images but her….does she know…does she feel…i don’t know…but I feel…she may know…she may feel…Amen

Yaa Tuhan apa ini makna ini semua?


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  1. hi wazien.

    a very indirect post. yet i’d say its quite artistic of you coz it makes me read very deeply 😛
    so i understand that you saw a ghost n ada cerita tentang cinta yg tak kesampaian? siapa??? saya mahu tahu juga….hehehe

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