My first posting [again]


Hi, here I am again, creating my wordpress blog, recently I’ve been falling love in blogging world, even though I still have no idea to make the most of it, this blogging world was introduced to me by one of Indonesian respected bloggers, Fatih Syuhud, I met him a year ago when I was in New Delhi India,  the time when I was in Action for Life 3 program, I’ve  been learning a lot from him about blogging and it was a privilege for me to meet him in person.

Since then I started to be in love with blogging world, I posted more postings on my two previous blog, even though I don’t really have a fresh idea what to post, for me at that time the most important thing is to post and to post regardless with the idea of what I post.

Now by creating this blog I wish that I could start “my professional work” in blogging, and you, the readers, wish your feedback to my blog.

cheers from Wazeen


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  1. Hey, i think you start posting about your travelling experience as a volunteer or about personalities in UIN etc so many topics that can contribute to enrich others with useful info. 🙂

    keep blogging!

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